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Autism & Learning

I have heard people say that you can grow out of autism or certain behaviors. Everyone has their own way of thinking however research shows that autism is a neurological disorder, not something you can grow out of. There are ways to embrace change and grow with them. My daughter is four years old now,Continue reading “Autism & Learning”



The Good, The Bad & The Ugly We all know how butterflies and rainbows it is to have children involved in our lives.They test you and love you and do amazing things with boogies. The littles loves of iur lives could do no wrong. So what happens when something does go wrong, i used toContinue reading “Parenthood:”

Relatable Tweens

Do you remember when your mood swings started? It is funny but seriously, it is part of nature that everyone goes through. Puberty. It is when kids feel like they are capable of being an adult yet have no idea how to be an adult. How can you compare people’s experiences, is there something worthContinue reading “Relatable Tweens”

Aggression & Autism

What is a meltdown? Is it the same as a tantrum? I had no idea they were different until I started researching about aggressive outbursts. As I read more and more on autism and how others cope. It has become clear that many adults fear the meltdowns of their autistic children. Children become adults andContinue reading “Aggression & Autism”

Baking With A Twist

Every day is a great day to learn something new! Who knew that there are recipes on google for autistic children. I had no idea. My son is 12 years old and has mild autism. He loves to cook and he would love to bake. Now he will be able to with minimal supervision.

Grow With Love

What is it? It is a mindset, a lifestyle. Show love in everything you do. There isn’t any room in our world for anything less than human decency. We deserve to be treated and treat others with respect and humility. So how do we check ourselves?!? Here is some guidance. Thank you for reading!! IfContinue reading “Grow With Love”

Beautifully Chaotic

A neurological disorder enhances senses and limits brain connections. It is without a doubt the most expansive disorder out there. Some things don’t need to be heard rather than felt, and seen. It would be a perfect world if we could learn to accept differences rather than point them out like they are a badContinue reading “Beautifully Chaotic”