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Home Echonomics

In highschool we are taught a few things, mostly to do with academics. Having skills related to everyday living is just as important. What are some skills worth developing at a young age? There are many in the photo below sjowong what a child should be learning; gardening, cooking, cleaning, taxes, self-esteem. There comes aContinue reading “Home Echonomics”


Right, Wrong & Neutral

What is wrong isn’t always right? What is right isn’t always wrong? What makes something right, isn’t always right, right? Sometimes, we just have to stay neutral to evaluate a certain situation. Holding reactions back and allowing yourself to observe the whole part. There are dynamics in relationships that get us confused or unsure ofContinue reading “Right, Wrong & Neutral”

Repost – Poem

Sometimes you have to wait in the darkFor what seems like forever StuckCertain no progress is being made,not even a little growth Nothing seems aliveYou, least of all It doesn’t even feel like waiting, truth be told,Since waiting implies an end in sight  —and you haven’t seen one of those in ages. You’re sure you’veContinue reading “Repost – Poem”

Sisters From Different Misters

Ever wonder why there are tribes and soul sisters? There are groups? & pods and so many other terms for a group or pair of loving & empowering women. Their energy is influential and others watch in curiosity. I just love seeing women coming together for common goals such as work, events, charities, friendship, mentorships.Continue reading “Sisters From Different Misters”

Love Yourself The Most

Ever have to recover from a broken home? relationship? Failed marriage? Life doesn’t come with instructions and something huge like a new beginning in life takes time work. These images explain everything when it comes to self-esteem and self-confidence. If you feed your needs you won’t be looking elsewhere for that fulfillment. There are wantsContinue reading “Love Yourself The Most”

Evolving Your Self

How can we evolve as a person when it comes to our social identity. We are often learning about how to heal ourselves and all about thoughts and emotions. We don’t put a lot of focus on what we project out into the world. Our perception of our world can often be influenced by outsideContinue reading “Evolving Your Self”

Peace Of Mind

What price are you willing to pay for peace of mind? What are you willing to do to have a comfortable, nontoxic life filled with joy and happiness? Over the years I have found it more comfortable to be alone. Alone in my home, surrounded by my go-getting vibes. My nuclear family is quite manipulativeContinue reading “Peace Of Mind”


What makes a family, is it blood, loyalty, or faithfulness? I believe it is unconditional love. Love is universal however knowing how to live properly is not universal and many people have no idea what is involved. Love Outwards vs Inwards Self-love consists of showing yourself the same love you show others. It is calmingContinue reading “Familia”