Reblog: indigo aspect

green, purple, and blue,they all remind me of somethingnew clouds hanging behind the sun,while the hunter risesto the tops of the crisp autumnmorn a cascading effect —hope lingers on my breath,while present is this indigoaspect combined with lavender,an aura coming out from behindthe moon they are all products of the loveliving inside of meand youContinue reading “Reblog: indigo aspect”

Wherever, Whenever

Just like that Shakira song!! What makes your soul move? Your pancakes, flip? What does it mean to you?! Mountains and valleys keep us from getting to where we need to be. Hypothetically speaking, of course, usually, it is our mind holding us back. Change can be scary and can only take place with tangibleContinue reading “Wherever, Whenever”

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