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Feelings Are Inevitable

Do you remember feeling elated as a child? Was it scarier for you? Regardless of the circumstances, emotions were there and are presently connected to those first years of life. How do we hide our feelings? We numb, hide, suppress & push away how we feel about things that truly matter. How do we feelContinue reading “Feelings Are Inevitable”


Authenticity Is Power

How does it feel to walk down a street and be mindful enough to not worry about anything but the next location? Having that sense of equilibrium with the world. That is what authenticity is. Living with your real self while respecting others as that, others. The world is so different yet, many want toContinue reading “Authenticity Is Power”

Grow With Love

What is it? It is a mindset, a lifestyle. Show love in everything you do. There isn’t any room in our world for anything less than human decency. We deserve to be treated and treat others with respect and humility. So how do we check ourselves?!? Here is some guidance. Thank you for reading!! IfContinue reading “Grow With Love”

Beautifully Chaotic

A neurological disorder enhances senses and limits brain connections. It is without a doubt the most expansive disorder out there. Some things don’t need to be heard rather than felt, and seen. It would be a perfect world if we could learn to accept differences rather than point them out like they are a badContinue reading “Beautifully Chaotic”

Reblog: 4 Benefits Of Self-Love — Goals & Good Vibes

“If you’re searching for that one person who will change your life, look in the mirror.” -Unknown I talk about self-love a lot because it’s something I’ve been working on and learning how to do for many years and realize it’s going to be a constant practice. Intentionally doing things that are going to help […]Continue reading “Reblog: 4 Benefits Of Self-Love — Goals & Good Vibes”