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Sisters From Different Misters

Ever wonder why there are tribes and soul sisters? There are groups? & pods and so many other terms for a group or pair of loving & empowering women. Their energy is influential and others watch in curiosity. I just love seeing women coming together for common goals such as work, events, charities, friendship, mentorships.Continue reading “Sisters From Different Misters”


Reblog: Holi – The Festival of Spring

Hello friends, if we call India, the country of festivals, than it wouldn’t be very far from the truth. Spanning from North to South, East to West, we celebrate so many festivals that we just can’t finish it by counting on our fingers. These bevy of festival may be religious, national, social or local inContinue reading “Reblog: Holi – The Festival of Spring”

Love Yourself The Most

Ever have to recover from a broken home? relationship? Failed marriage? Life doesn’t come with instructions and something huge like a new beginning in life takes time work. These images explain everything when it comes to self-esteem and self-confidence. If you feed your needs you won’t be looking elsewhere for that fulfillment. There are wantsContinue reading “Love Yourself The Most”


Are you Irish? We are not Irish, however, we celebrate as many holidays as we can. We enjoy the energy and love brought to us by all cultures. I hope this day brings you a lot of luck or blessings, either one will do! 10 Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Kids with AutismContinue reading “Celebrate!!”

Reblog; Easter Bunny Shortbreads

Easter bunny-shaped shortbread biscuits, a simple and easy bake for your Easter table.   I made these cute bunny shortbread biscuits a couple of weeks ago in preparation for Easter. I’ve been cracking on with my Easter recipes, having recently updated my favourite Chocolate Orange Hot Cross Buns. For my latest recipe idea, because thatContinue reading “Reblog; Easter Bunny Shortbreads”

Evolving Your Self

How can we evolve as a person when it comes to our social identity. We are often learning about how to heal ourselves and all about thoughts and emotions. We don’t put a lot of focus on what we project out into the world. Our perception of our world can often be influenced by outsideContinue reading “Evolving Your Self”

Wherever, Whenever

Just like that Shakira song!! What makes your soul move? Your pancakes, flip? What does it mean to you?! Mountains and valleys keep us from getting to where we need to be. Hypothetically speaking, of course, usually, it is our mind holding us back. Change can be scary and can only take place with tangibleContinue reading “Wherever, Whenever”

Peace Of Mind

What price are you willing to pay for peace of mind? What are you willing to do to have a comfortable, nontoxic life filled with joy and happiness? Over the years I have found it more comfortable to be alone. Alone in my home, surrounded by my go-getting vibes. My nuclear family is quite manipulativeContinue reading “Peace Of Mind”