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Reblog; Easter Bunny Shortbreads

Easter bunny-shaped shortbread biscuits, a simple and easy bake for your Easter table.   I made these cute bunny shortbread biscuits a couple of weeks ago in preparation for Easter. I’ve been cracking on with my Easter recipes, having recently updated my favourite Chocolate Orange Hot Cross Buns. For my latest recipe idea, because thatContinue reading “Reblog; Easter Bunny Shortbreads”


Baking With A Twist

Every day is a great day to learn something new! Who knew that there are recipes on google for autistic children. I had no idea. My son is 12 years old and has mild autism. He loves to cook and he would love to bake. Now he will be able to with minimal supervision.

Easter Activities For Kids With Special Needs

We absolutely love creating memories and art all over our home. My youngest is finally getting to her artistic groove. We have created these activities in our home and I want to share them with you! I hope you enjoyed these activities!! They get the little ones’ imagination flowing with all of the senses covered.