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Snow is here! Happy Holidays!

Here in northern Ontario, we have been blessed with some white fluff of love, otherwise known as snow. We may get it every year, however, every year is different than the last. The snow brings magic and awakens senses that you did not know existed.

The cold brings about shivers and refreshing air. We love to enjoy hot chocolate and the kids can help make it amazing.

Layering up is also a great trick to staying comfortable. You can be cold outside and then go into a store and be sweating all bundled up.

You don’t want your kids getting too hot, an old trick is to check their necks as you are walking or shopping, to make sure they are not overheating. Hats and mitts are also a need in this weather.

Another activity we enjoy this time of year is writing a letter to Santa. How cool!! It creates some kind of magic within the kids. Have you ever written to Santa? I remember in grade school we all sent out letters and we received responses from the big guy, too!!

In case you have little kids interested in making some memories this winter, i have attached the information you need to write to Santa. Let me know how it goes!!

Happy holidays


Healer Dealer

What do we say!? Everything is in moderation. I am super easy going however I do believe you need to keep a certain amount of awareness around your energy and self, mind body and soul.

What you feed yourself and how you treat yourself have a huge influence on how you will develop as a person and human. It can turn ones life upside down to be negative and have uncontrollable thoughts and patterns, just as it can make you sick to be walked over as a person and to be stressed all of the time.

I firmly believe you need to be respectful to each other and yourself to feel content with life and success as an individual. I love to encourage individuality and love for everything we do. Volunteering and helping others without prejudice is what this world need. How do you help? Are you happy with yourself?

Autism & Learning

I have heard people say that you can grow out of autism or certain behaviors.

Everyone has their own way of thinking however research shows that autism is a neurological disorder, not something you can grow out of. There are ways to embrace change and grow with them.

My daughter is four years old now, she is only becoming more aggressive and hard to handle, it took new learning, and skills I did not know I had. She has a beautiful new school she attends and she loves it! She is growing into a big girl.

My son is 12 years old and he is in junior high now. I am teaching morals and values over curriculum, he is dead set on not doing school however I have been able to teach him important topics in a non-structured way. He loves to cook and to play games, he learns while playing.

The most important thing I have learned is that a person with autism will unleash anger and frustration on the person they trust the most. It is valuable to remember you can only do your best as a parent and teacher.

Autism looks different to each person with autism, it is unique to their own lives. It is great to connect with other parents and older autistic persons who can shed light on some similarities to look forward too in the future.

Medicinal Maryjane

Have you ever smoked and chilled or had the munchies?

Marijuana is much more than that. The two main components of the plant are thc and cbd, some contain only one of the two or both. The health benefits are immense and can range from person to person.

It was in grade 8, that I started smoking marijuana. I used a bong and was with friends just hanging out. After school, we would meet and kumbaya-ing is what we did. It became a tool in my life as a motivator and to settle my mind.

I can enjoy life without constant fear and indecisiveness. This plant has helped me be able to stay calm and enjoy my kids and my life, center my life around nature and kindness.

Everyone used for different reasons, it certainly can be abused and it can also be prescribed. Doctors are not all for it how ever you can find educated users in every town.

I am always open if anyone needs to vent or ask a question regarding marijuana, thc or cbd.

Getting excited for Halloween with kids!

One of our favorite holidays to celebrate is Halloween. It means so much to many people, we see black cats and candy corn all over the place I love how excited kids get once around decorations and spooky art. I have attached the origin of the holiday and what comes about during that special time.

Even though fall has only begun, you can not start decorating too early in my opinion. Once October 1st comes and goes it is on!! We decorate outdoors and indoors, I teach my kids different Halloween traditions and how to trick or treat. We end October 31st with some good old knocking fun! Do you celebrate?

We love to make Halloween crafts, it passes the time and uses our imagination. You can make anything from bats to pumpkins.

Pipe cleaner art!
Tissue ghosts.

Mommamia Kind of Summer

This summer has been all about mirroring and teaching social skills. My kids are way more social than i have ever been. With good reason. Haha.

We have been working on including others, working out disagreements and we have been having so much fun doing it!

We live in a community complex with tons of neighbors within arms reach. Some obvious goods and bads come with living so close to others however there are plenty of great things including other children. My three children get along well with others.

Here are some little tips and tricks to find teachable momments in your summer.

– water play can bring so much joy, sprinklers, and water tables are totally our thing this summer

– building forts, building any sort of structure with household materials and objects

– uno!! Board games like twister and chess

Anything you do with children can bring you the most joy as well as bring them great pleasure. Being outside is a bonus and staying grounded will help everyone feels their best.

What In The Holy Grail Is This?

Depression has clouded my thoughts since I can remember, it becomes a downward spiral, in every way. It affects your ability to be motivated and inspired with life, you become numb to everyone and everything, keeping the thoughts of nothingness of self centered in the mind and unable to block them out.

There is a feeling in the gut that is like a knawing feeling at your very soul. The pits of your body hurt for no reason, you have no energy. It is awful. It can last for different amounts of time depending on the circumstances going on in my life.

Depression is certainly different for everyone however, very few things are the same for everyone struggling with depression, we all feel disconnected within ourselves and the world.

It’s important to stay grounded in faith and hope that you will surpass this hard time.

Common signs of depression:

• Lack of energy
• Lack of interest in things you used to love to do
• Less hygenic
• Anxiety
• Lack of sleep, fatigue
• Loss of appetite
• Racing negative thoughts
• Isolation

There are clinics and doctors in every town ready to help you if you need help. Please don’t hesitate to see someone for guidance.

Everyone experiences depression differently, everyone can be helped. I would love to be able to sit and talk with everyone struggling with their depression. I struggle and have helped and been helped to get where I am today, from suicidal thoughts to feelings of unworthiness. Everyone deserves to live in peace.

Wild Little Hearts

Why can’t I seem to be like what I need my kids to be. Kinds, sincere. I possess this dark meanness that comes out when I get uncomfortable or feel like I may get hurt.

I want them to feel the wind between their hair and sand on their toes. I want them to cherish each other and give the world to one another.

Self sabotage is real, its what comes at me when im happy and content in life. My life hasnt ever been easy, or mediocre. It is a ball of continues rolls down hills from highest mountain tops.

My whole life I was made to feel that I need to do more or be more in order to be loved, now that I am loved without borders, I don’t know how to receive it. I am not sure how to get those thoughts of disappointment and self-doubt out of my mind. All we have is time.

Been A Minute

When do you know that you need a break from something? Is it when you get headaches, anxiety, and shut down? Do you let it get that far? Burn out is real, and I hope anyone feeling unlike their regular self will check in and see that they need a time out.

Personally, I tend to retrack to my household routine and keep in sync with my needs at the time. There are times I want to just run away, but see that will never be an option. Living with daily battles inside and out has a great power of knocking me off my feet. Daily. Living with mental illness and two autistic children and one non autistic child. It leaves no room for imaging anything different. I am grateful.

There are great ways to stay balanced in life with great struggles on the daily;

– Listening to music is soothing for the soul. There are earphones, speakers, and music apps you can use offline. Laying down and having music on your ears is some kind of relaxing.

– Putting a pen to a paper or a finger to a notepad app is lethagic. Get those thoughts put of your mind. It releases it into the universe and you can expect great returns in form of guidance and hope.

– Find a hobby, something to keep your mind and hands busy, of body busy. It can be anything that keeps you busy while bringing joy to your life.

– Remember not all stress is bad stress. Every day is a new day to try again.