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Healer Dealer

What do we say!? Everything is in moderation. I am super easy going however I do believe you need to keep a certain amount of awareness around your energy and self, mind body and soul.

What you feed yourself and how you treat yourself have a huge influence on how you will develop as a person and human. It can turn ones life upside down to be negative and have uncontrollable thoughts and patterns, just as it can make you sick to be walked over as a person and to be stressed all of the time.

I firmly believe you need to be respectful to each other and yourself to feel content with life and success as an individual. I love to encourage individuality and love for everything we do. Volunteering and helping others without prejudice is what this world need. How do you help? Are you happy with yourself?


Published by Francine x Three

Mom of three, on a mission to empower mental health & you.

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