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Autism & Learning

I have heard people say that you can grow out of autism or certain behaviors.

Everyone has their own way of thinking however research shows that autism is a neurological disorder, not something you can grow out of. There are ways to embrace change and grow with them.

My daughter is four years old now, she is only becoming more aggressive and hard to handle, it took new learning, and skills I did not know I had. She has a beautiful new school she attends and she loves it! She is growing into a big girl.

My son is 12 years old and he is in junior high now. I am teaching morals and values over curriculum, he is dead set on not doing school however I have been able to teach him important topics in a non-structured way. He loves to cook and to play games, he learns while playing.

The most important thing I have learned is that a person with autism will unleash anger and frustration on the person they trust the most. It is valuable to remember you can only do your best as a parent and teacher.

Autism looks different to each person with autism, it is unique to their own lives. It is great to connect with other parents and older autistic persons who can shed light on some similarities to look forward too in the future.


Published by Francine On A Mission

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