Been A Minute

When do you know that you need a break from something? Is it when you get headaches, anxiety, and shut down? Do you let it get that far? Burn out is real, and I hope anyone feeling unlike their regular self will check in and see that they need a time out.

Personally, I tend to retrack to my household routine and keep in sync with my needs at the time. There are times I want to just run away, but see that will never be an option. Living with daily battles inside and out has a great power of knocking me off my feet. Daily. Living with mental illness and two autistic children and one non autistic child. It leaves no room for imaging anything different. I am grateful.

There are great ways to stay balanced in life with great struggles on the daily;

– Listening to music is soothing for the soul. There are earphones, speakers, and music apps you can use offline. Laying down and having music on your ears is some kind of relaxing.

– Putting a pen to a paper or a finger to a notepad app is lethagic. Get those thoughts put of your mind. It releases it into the universe and you can expect great returns in form of guidance and hope.

– Find a hobby, something to keep your mind and hands busy, of body busy. It can be anything that keeps you busy while bringing joy to your life.

– Remember not all stress is bad stress. Every day is a new day to try again.

Published by Francine On A Mission

Mom of three, lover of one. Mental health & Agriculture Magic

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