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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

We all know how butterflies and rainbows it is to have children involved in our lives.They test you and love you and do amazing things with boogies. The littles loves of iur lives could do no wrong.

So what happens when something does go wrong, i used to think the worst was keeping them safe from my family and bad people in general. Boy, was i wrong.

Sick Girl

What is the ugly of parenting? How would you describe it? I believe it is the unfathomable things that happen such as accidents, sicknesses, etc.

It has been lifechanging in momments of crazy that have come upon my life in such a quick way. The end result of an unfortunate event with my daughter meant new strength and new understanding of what life really means.


Published by Francine On A Mission

Mom of three, lover of one. Mental health & Agriculture Magic

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