Young At Heart

Do we love crop tops on kids? What about dating before 16? There may be different views on these topics however one thing will always remain, kids, need to be kids.

In my opinion, parents that allow their kids to engage in older age activities or items will ultimately pay the price of further exploring and less self-control around peer pressure and influences.

Allow children to be children while teaching self-love and self-respect. Bodies do not need to be hanging out to be loved, girls and boys don’t need to fight and judge one another based on appearance, evolve who they are as people, let them choose what they want to wear and read and see within guidelines of course. Parents and caregivers are meant to be a great influence on a child, let’s make them proud!

Published by Francine On A Mission

Mom of three, lover of one. Mental health & Agriculture Magic

3 thoughts on “Young At Heart

  1. πŸ’œ It’s Actually The Reverse EveryOne; the “Kids” Parent The Parents with The Muttering of The Wise Words “Dumb Parents” while Enjoying The Company of Grand(for a reason)Parents at The Exasperation of Parents; as Louis Armstrong eloquently put it “Children know much more than we will ever learn”


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