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Right, Wrong & Neutral

What is wrong isn’t always right? What is right isn’t always wrong? What makes something right, isn’t always right, right?

Sometimes, we just have to stay neutral to evaluate a certain situation. Holding reactions back and allowing yourself to observe the whole part.

There are dynamics in relationships that get us confused or unsure of where our place is. Those types of situations need to be neutralized. They are neither good nor bad.

Everyone has a perception of good, bad & neutral. It is the roots of our soul and purpose in life to be a good person, a good person can also make bad choices. It doesn’t change the person, only their choice of reason.

I hope for everyone to give this a shot and reevaluate any bad choices you have made, or good choices that you have made and what choices you have had to remain neutral in. There is joy in awareness, awareness is key. 😁


Published by Francine x Three

Mom of three, on a mission to empower mental health & you.

3 thoughts on “Right, Wrong & Neutral

  1. My thoughts on Perception from a poem ❤️❤️❤️

    My eyes can witness
    Just as you do
    How differently we perceive
    What we see as true

    With human nature
    That can be inhumane
    No two eyes
    See exactly the same

    This life is strange
    Without a doubt
    Whether you see it
    Upside down or inside out.
    Katherine Spitzer

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