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Feelings Are Inevitable

Do you remember feeling elated as a child? Was it scarier for you?

Regardless of the circumstances, emotions were there and are presently connected to those first years of life.

How do we hide our feelings?

We numb, hide, suppress & push away how we feel about things that truly matter.

How do we feel our feelings?

Embrace, enhance, visualize, interpret & accept how we feel, while not taking too much time to realize that it is in you all along.

Teaching children at a young age how to process and manage their feelings will help them, with no doubt, in their future.


Published by Francine x Three

Mom of three, on a mission to empower mental health & you.

One thought on “Feelings Are Inevitable

  1. 💜 I Have Returned to The “Elated” Purity of My ChildLike State EveryOne; losing many Groan Up ‘Friends’ with No Regret Nor Remorse EveryBody because ‘Grown Ups’ SUCK!!! and ARE Stupid and Dumb To The Max


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