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Autism & No Sleep

Many parents of autistic children have one thing in common, lack of sleep. Are you one of them? How does autism affect your child’s sleep?

Once I started researching autism and sleep, it was clear to me, that many parents struggle with getting enough sleep and quality sleep. Parents of autistic children have to continue living life, parenting other children, working, running a household the same way others do it daily.

Children on the spectrum have an inability oftentimes, to get quality sleep. It is as hard for them as it is for the parent or parents.

Having a supportive friend, partner or team is one way to be able to face these pressures head-on. Having to deal with sleep deprivation and changes in sleep patterns affect the whole household and if not it will certainly affect the primary caregiver.

There are local and universal, worldwide groups for autism parents on Facebook, and there are great influencers on Instagram that can help with understanding and living with autism.


Published by Francine On A Mission

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7 thoughts on “Autism & No Sleep

  1. Wow. I have friends with autistic children and my nephew is autistic as well. I had no idea that sleep deprivation and autism could go hand-in-hand. Thank you so much for giving me such profound insight. Now I will better be able to understand my sister-in-law and offer support to my friends as well!

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